The Secret Lives of Estheticians

As estheticians, we provide treatments using technically complicated devices that require understanding the interactions of the anatomy and histology of the skin, chemical interactions with acids, electrical charges, ultrasonic vibrations, hydrotherapy, antioxidants, growth factors, vitamins, enzymes, and more. We also have the honor of providing treatments with a human touch. We interact by touching skin, the human body. We see people at their most vulnerable, making aesthetics an intimate and privileged profession.

The stories in this book are from the professional careers of some industry leaders in the Pacific Northwest. They are intended to inspire, to amuse, and to encourage sister (and brother) esthies in this incredible field. Many of you have had similar experiences and will be able to identify with these stories.

100% Of the proceeds from The Secret Lives of Estheticians goes toward a scholarship for an esthetic student. When sales reach $500, the money is dedicated for a scholarship. A task force of members from Cascade Aesthetics Alliance review applications and determine the recipient. To apply for a scholarship, click here: