The Esthetician’s Guide to Outstanding Esthetics! Volume 2

Thirteen Authors and Industry Icons including Beauty Pioneer Mary Schook, LE share cutting-edge esthetic techniques and technology from which both professionals and consumers can be empowered and integrate into their business practice or home skincare regimen.

Chapters Include:

  • Cutting Edge Esthetic Equipment by Shelley Hancock
  • Integrative Esthetics by Becky Kuehn
  • Chemical Exfoliation by Mary Nielsen
  • Treating Sensitive Skin by Michele Corley
  • Nano Microneedling by Ryan Rabah
  • Personalized Color Theory by Jaclyn Peresetsky
  • Esthetics Education by Felicia Tyler
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage by Michele Phelan
  • Skin Lightening Ingredients and how they work by Michael Q. Pugliese, LE
  • Microcurrent by Tina Abnoosi
  • Mechanical Exfoliation by Mary Nielsen
  • Acoustic Resonance by Mary Schook
  • Brows by Jaclyn Peresetsky
  • Ultrasonic Beauty Tools by Beatrice Van.