The Nutrition Certified Esthetician

Research reveals what we have intuitively known. There is a skin-gut connection to skin health. The health of other body systems can be revealed in the condition of the skin. Skincare professionals should have the skills to conduct a consultation that includes gathering information about a client’s diet and nutrition in order to formulate a skincare treatment plan as well as knowing when to refer the client to a medical professional or registered dietician.

Spectrum Advanced Aesthetics is launching a three day Nutrition Certified Esthetician program. It is receiving 21 hours of continuing education credit through the Oregon Health Authority. It will also be available as an online program.

Objectives in the course includes:

  • To understand the role of diet in normalizing skin physiology
  • To develop personalized nutrition strategies based on genetics
  • To describe the role of phytonutrients and bioactives in the diet
  • To understand the microbiome
  • To describe various diets and their influence on the skin, including vegetarian, vegan, Paleo, Mediterranean, Blood Type and intermittent fasting
  • To evaluate the effect of diet on the conditions of acne, rosacea, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, hirsutism, vitiligo, alopecia, hidradenitis suppuritiva, hormonal imbalances including PCOS and thyroid
  • To formulate basic diet, topical skincare and lifestyle recommendations and communicate to clients

Stay tuned for more as we roll out this program in early 2023.