Is it Time for a Coach?

Lots of coaches are filling the esty space right now. Do you need a coach? Before you pull the trigger, here are seven questions to ask.

  1. Get introspective. What are you looking for in a coach? What do you want the coach to help you achieve?
  2. What is the coach’s focus? Are they mindset focused, business acumen focused, social media building, entrepreneurial start up?
  3. What is their approach? Do they offer set programs or are they custom tailoring a program to your needs? Do they offer private coaching sessions, group sessions or a social media support group?
  4. What are the times that the coaching is available? Will you meet weekly, biweekly, monthly? Is it a mix of private and group?
  5. Check out the coach’s website and social media. Do the messages resonate with you? What do the reviews say?
  6. What is the cost? Is it a monthly payment, month-to-month? Is there an introductory offer? Do you pay one upfront payment for a whole program?
  7. How do I get out of the program if its not fitting my needs? Am I locked in?
  8. Does the coach guarantee anything? How is the coach called to accountability if your goals are not reached?

Coaching can be a valuable resource to help you start, build or expand your business.  It can also be expensive and demanding. You’ve got to be ready for the action steps that a coach is going to require of you. Do the homework and find the right coach to help you thrive as we end this year and get prepared for 2023!