If you want to answer your heart’s call into a career in esthetics, be sure you make the right decision at the beginning, selecting the right esthetics school.


You’ve finally made the decision that esthetics is absolutely the right choice for you or maybe you’re just checking into it to see what its’ all about. Perhaps you have always loved skincare and makeup or you’re a skincare junkie and you just found out that you can do this for a living! Finding the esthetic school that will fuel your passion, build your brain and strengthen your skills will make your journey one of adventure and self discovery and not one of frustration and disappointment.

Check out the school’s website and social media. What kind of vibe do you get? Are the graphics of real people? What is the social engagement like? How often do they post? What can you learn about the staff? Fill out the form on the website asking for more information. How quickly do they reply to you?

Arrange a visit. You need to see the school in action. At your tour, be sure to observe student interaction. Are they actively engaged in the learning process in the classroom? Are they performing services on the clinic floor or scrolling through their phones? Check out the cleanliness. What does the equipment look like? Check out the student breakroom or lunchroom. Can you see yourself here?

Find out about details like parking. Is it free? Do you have to pay? Where is the closest mass transit station, if you’re taking the bus or metro. What is the dress code? Do they supply your uniform or do you have to provide it?

Talk to the admissions advisor. You’ve got important questions to ask. You’ll want to ask about pass rates. How many students pass the state board on the first attempt? What does a typical student day look like? What are the days of the week and hours of attendance required? Are there full time and part time options? What does the student kit look like? Is there support for students who are struggling academically? What is the tuition? Are there payment plans? What tuition financing options are available? What does tuition include? What extra charges could there be? Are there extra charges for learning certain modules or modalities? Does the school assist with placement after graduation? What is the application process? If you start and decide the school isn’t a good fit, what is the reimbursement policy?

A career in esthetics is incredibly satisfying and can support you financially. It is a unique role where we are allowed to touch another human being. Jobs are in demand as we emerge from COVID and people crave human touch and the need for selfcare. There is a huge ability to specialize in a particular service. You can work as an employee or grow your entrepreneurial spirit and start your own practice.

Fall Chemical Peel Season is Here!

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Summer 2023 HEV Light

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Summer Esthetics Shows

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Take Time

Take Time 1. Take time to Work - It is the price of success. 2. Take time to Think - It is the source of power. 3. Take time to Play - It is the secret of youth. 4. Take time to Read - It is the fountain of knowledge. 5. Take time to Worship - It is the highway of...

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Get Ahead of Your 2023 Expenses

Get Ahead of Your 2023 Expenses   As we head into the new year and you’re working on your budget, planning for expenses in 2023, don’t forget to include continuing education. You’ve got to make staying current with trends, upscaling your skillset and knowledge a...

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Is It Time For A Coach?

Is it Time for a Coach?   Lots of coaches are filling the esty space right now. Do you need a coach? Before you pull the trigger, here are seven questions to ask. Get introspective. What are you looking for in a coach? What do you want the coach to help you...

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Your Esty Godmother

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The Nutrition Certified Esthetician

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